Pursuant to the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties ( the "Act" ) and its regulations, HG Promoters in Sport and Entertainment Pvt Ltd. established in Austria Forests Forests 304 Col. del Valle, San Pedro Garza García , NL C. P. 66235 , reported by this privacy notice (the " Privacy Policy " ) which is responsible for collecting personal data , the use that is given to them and their protection , in order to prevent damage, loss, destruction , theft, loss , alteration, and unauthorized use thereof.

1.1 . Responsibility

HG through designated in subsection 1.9 of this Privacy Notice person will be responsible for collecting personal data , the use that is given to them and their protection , pledging to respect the provisions of this Privacy Notice and the Law.

HG informs you that your personal data will be treated and protected based on the principles of legality, quality , consent, information, purpose, loyalty , proportionality and accountability established by law.

By providing personal data to HG by any of the means referred to in paragraph 1.3 of this Privacy Notice, you consent to the collection and use HG this data only for the purposes described in subsection 1.2 of this Privacy Notice.

1.2 . Purpose of Personal Data

Personal data collected by HG will be used for the purpose of ( i ) a contact ID ;
( ii ) Provide the required services and related activities;
( iii ) Report on new services that are related to the contract ;
( iv ) To comply with obligations HG ;
( v ) Evaluate the quality of service;
( vi) Contact via mail, email or phone in order to share newsletters and surveys of quality of service offered HG .

1.3 . Collection of Personal Information

To fulfill the purposes identified in the preceding paragraph, HG may request personal information in different ways:
( i ) When provided directly by any means, or
( ii ) When information is obtained through other sources that are permitted by law

HG may at any time record in any hardware and / or digital phone calls that HG will perform for the sole purpose of evaluating the quality of services and customer care

1.4 . Data Transfer

Personal data may be transferred to and processed in and out of the country, other than HG people, in this sense, the information may be shared with affiliates or subsidiaries HG both in Mexico and abroad.

If you do not state your opposition to their data being transferred is deemed to have given their consent.

HG undertakes not to transfer personal data to third parties without your consent, except as otherwise provided in Article 37 of the Act, and to make this transfer in the terms set out therein.

The communication of personal data carried out between HG and this alone responsible for HG employees shall not be considered as transfer or in this case not be necessary any consent.

1.5. Access, rectification or cancellation of personal data

You may at any time amend or update your information, oppose the processing that they are giving their personal data or revoke consent has been granted for the purpose of HG or stop doing them, on the understanding that no HG is obliged to comply with the above in accordance with the provisions of Article 26 and 34 of the Act

To withdraw your consent to HG on personal data, you must send an email in response to the person responsible for handling the personal data of HG mentioned in subsection 1.9 of this Privacy Notice, by which will be answered that request .

The email should contain
The full name of the owner of the personal data;
And email address to receive the response that is generated as a result of your application;
The reason for the request;
The arguments that support your application or petition;
Official document proving your identity, and
From the current date becomes effective withdrawal of consent.

HG notify you within a maximum of twenty (20 ) business days from the date on which the application for the revocation of consent is received by a message containing that ran all acts tending to not treat your personal information .

To access any personal information or revoke the consent has been given to HG, They must meet all the requirements of this Privacy Notice and the Law

1.6. Validity

Personal data shall be processed solely for the time duration of the legal act that gives rise to the contractual relationship alone for annulments described above and / or in accordance with any international legal provisions.

The obligation of confidentiality of those involved in the processing of personal data shall continue even after the termination of their relationship with HG.

1.7 . Modification to privacy notice

HG reserves the right to change this Privacy Notice at any time, without notice or liability.

If the Privacy Notice is modified in any way, HG has to publish a new Notice of Privacy

The information collection, use and disclosure of HG make personal data shall be governed by the version of this Privacy Policy at the time posted and effective.

1.8. Security

HG agrees that personal data will be preserved under tight administrative, technical and physical which have been implemented in order to protect personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction, or the use, access or unauthorized.

Only authorized HG, staff will have access to personal data. Authorized personnel are prohibited from allowing access by unauthorized persons and use personal information for purposes other than those set out in this clause.

1.9 . Head of Personal Data

The person responsible for the processing of your personal data is Maria Garza.

You may contact the area responsible for the management and administration of personal data by email , or directly at our office located at the address set out in this Privacy Notice.